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Three Easy Ways To Stay Productive When The Going Gets Tough

Posted by Matt Hilker on Nov 22, 2016 10:21:27 AM

The decision to go out and pursue your own venture is not an easy one to make. It can be infinitely rewarding but also very stressful. With your payday now relying solely on your own effort and productivity levels, knowing how to deal with the stress that comes along with freelance work is as vital to your success as being great at what you do. Here are three ways to help you manage work related anxiety and crush each and every workday!


1. Dig deep, breathe deep

Usually when you start to feel anxious about something work related your immediate reaction is to get up, remove yourself from the situation and take a breather. For some situations that may work, but in my experience, especially if you’re pressed for time, taking a brief minute to recenter yourself and dive right back in can be just as helpful as taking that 10 minute walk. Focus on one thing; an icon on your screen or a word in your notebook, as yo do a mental count to ten.  Every time you get to ten either breathe in, or breathe out.  Repeat this about a dozen times and immediately jump right back into your work.


2. Find the focus

A common belief about workplace anxiety is that it’s due to poor performance or inability to get the job done. While failing to meet a deadline, or not being able to complete a task may in fact cause anxiety for some, in my experience it’s more often the day to day grind that has a tendency to throw me off my game. Focus on yourself for a minute and really think about what makes you excel, what your weaknesses are, and why you enjoy your work? Questions like these help you to focus in on your strengths and better understand your weaknesses. Trust me, an honest periodic self appraisals can identify new opportunities. 


3. Cross the finish line

It all comes down to you in the end... Whether you spend your days at your favorite coworking space building your own business or you work a nine-to-five in a cubicle, you must be willing to adapt. Use your environment effectively and teach yourself how best to maneuver through the day in a way that caters to your strengths and helps you overcome your weaknesses.  In the end the only thing that matters is how you feel about what YOU do. 

Keep calm and keyboard on!


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