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How-to deal with anxiety in the workplace

Posted by Matt Hilker on Oct 13, 2016 12:04:32 PM


Being stressed out while you work, or are heading towards an important deadline is a common thing.   You want everything to be perfect, you want everything to work out and get the job done.  Heart racing, palms sweaty, it takes everything you have to get the job done and still feel like you’re accomplishing something important.  Everyone deals with these kinds of stressors while working and it’s a natural part of your behavior to figure out ways to deal with it and cope with it so that not only can you remain productive, but you keep your health(and sanity).  Here’s a few quick tips on how to keep yourself grounded while working.



Step 1: Beat anxiety by maintaining positive working relationships.

Social interaction is a natural coping mechanism for stress and anxiety.  Forming strong interpersonal and work relationships is as helpful as a breathing exercise or meditation for a lot of people.  As people, we are social creatures by design so having people you can talk to and interact with is a major part of being able to handle the stress and anxiety that goes along with working.   Find people that you can connect with on a social level and use those relationships to help talk through anything you might be feeling, but remember, you’re not there to just lay all your problems out on the person.  It’s important to be able to empathize and listen to them as well as to develop a mutual support system.

Step 2: Get moving

You’ve been sitting at your laptop for three hours working on that important spreadsheet, or on a conference call and you’re starting to feel anxious and stressed out.  One of the best things you can do for yourself is get up and change settings, or even just walk around.  Physical activity is one of the best ways to calm yourself down and blow off steam if you’re having a particularly stressful day.  The most important thing however is that when you get up and move away from the work environment you need to force yourself to think about your body and not the work you’ve been doing.  Take the time to focus on deep breathing, counting the steps you take or even doing light stretching while moving about so that your thoughts can reorganize themselves into something more coherent and easy to deal with.


Step 3: Finally...

The most important thing to remember while working is that not only is your work important but your own personal health is important as well.   Taking the time to make sure your work environment is catering to your physical and emotional needs is just as important as having a job that caters to your strengths.  Get up, get out, move around and most importantly get things done.